Viscarb® Leather's unique surface designs are achieved using a PU coating of
less than 0.15mm thickness, ensuring that the end product is real leather. It is NOT printed OR embossed, but uses a special patented process, which
CHEMICALLY BONDS the PU to the leather.
The patented process uses high heat and vacuum to ensure a perfect bond of the
PU-finish; brushing aqueous PU into the leather fibres and thereby embedding
them completely, creating a mechanical as well as a chemical bond, an
inseparable thin finish. At the core of the process is the generation of the surface,
a process unlike any other known.

As a result of this process, two important properties are achieved; Adhesion to
the split is very good, with the bond reaching into the top of the leather structure.
The finish develops a micro porous structure. This means that the finish allows
good water vapour permeability on the leather side, whilst giving high water
repellency on the finish side.